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Now that my shooting schedule has lightened up for the bitter parts of winter, I am finally beginning to journal some of the exciting things that took place in front of my camera throughout 2018. There’s a whoooole lot, and to be honest it’s a tad overwhelming! But also a great way to reflect on how this job has blessed my life with a bounty of beautiful people and moments.

I cannot help but feel this dinner thrown in honor of Scott Shepherd is a great place to begin. Known in the Atlanta floral community as “Cut Flower Scott”, he works for the state’s beloved flower wholesale company and serves his customers with admirable passion - ask anyone, Scott’s got your back and always goes the extra mile. Lucky for the creative world, Scott is taking his knowledge outside the cooler and has launched a new venture : The Flower Podcast. This podcast is fresh, insightful and comprehensive; helping enrich industry vendors and curious minds alike.

It’s no surprise that some of the warmest and talented women in the south (all floral designers) pulled together a gathering to celebrate Scott and the podcast. Lucky for me they thought I should photograph the soiree. I kept my approach organic, simply documenting the story & energy of the night with no agenda or shot list while also being part of the party. This resulted in a set of images I really adore. I shy away from ‘tacky’ descriptions but can genuinely say that our hearts were all fuller after this enchanting evening. Lifting others up, the world needs more of this. Cheers to you, Scott!

Listen to me speak with Scott on the podcast here!

Special thanks to Ginny Early, Mary Wynn, Sheridan Weaver and Amy Osaba - supporters of dreams + bad mamma jammas

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