Atlanta film photographer | The first sign of Spring



I wait all winter long for winter to end. At the very first sign of new life seen in the form of a bud on a branch, I let out a long and freeing sigh of relief. Knowing that warmth, color and the explosion of natures treasures will soon appear gives light to the flame of creativity that tends to fade throughout the desolate time that is winter.  It's a sudden renewal to my spirit.

This year, things are a bit 'off' and Georgia has seen an early round of warmth and blossoms followed by the return of cold and gloom. But luckily my friend Ginny and I were on the same page when this first round came, and we were able to seize the opportunity to create while inspired by the kiss of spring blooms that had come to town.  No particular goal, no rules.

Ginny gathered the most beautiful star magnolia and arranged an installation reminiscent of delicate ballerinas floating about in white skirts. How fun it was to study floral forms, light and shadows as I photographed things without restrictions - all an experiment, pressure off.  

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