Atlanta Maternity Photographer | Serenbe

Atlanta maternity film photographer, family photographer

Always up for adventure in a place out in the country, I knew that I wanted to capture Ashley in a setting she melds so well with during her maternity session.  If she could be barefoot with a fishing pole, that's exactly where she would be.  Serenbe on a summer morning shortly after sunrise could not have been a better choice.  We were greeted to the farm by grass still wet with dew and a slow lifting of fog as sunbeams broke through. Animals chirped, whinnied and barked as they waited for breakfast and despite these distant noises there was a quiet to the property as we slowly moved around in these early hours. A raft of ducklings floated happily across the pond, and I couldn't help but think of how graceful their momma was as they passed. What a great place to document new life and motherhood.  For wardrobe we chose a dress that draped Ashley's pregnant form elegantly, the soft shade of a lambs ear leaf.  Naturally we decided on bare feet - true to life for her. So at ease with the belly she is hosting, Ashley naturally moved into my direction all while taking in the beauty of our surroundings and the pregnancy itself throughout the shoot.   And I certainly cannot forget to mention how gorgeous she has remained as her baby Mekinnah grows in her womb! It was certainly a treat for me to document this time in a friends life, seeing and capturing the calm and steady woman she has become.

Many thanks to The Fount Collective for featuring this session!

serenbe maternity a 1 sarah ingram
serenbe maternity a 2 sarah ingram
serenbe maternity a 3 sarah ingram
serenbe maternity a 5 sarah ingram
serenbe maternity a 4 sarah ingram

All photos shot on medium format Fuji 400H film