Summer weekend in North Carolina


Brevard, North Carolina.  I hesitate to sing your praises publicly because you are one of our beloved secret places.  

We escape to the adventure of your mountains, the flavor of your quaintness, the calm in your  quiet.  A place that has become a tradition for Sam and I to visit over the years, this little town is nestled between more popular western North Carolina stops like Asheville and Highlands.  We traveled up on a whim last month and had so much fun playing in rivers, biking trails, walking around town and just taking it slow for a couple of days.  I shot a little bit of film here and there, careful to just enjoy my time there and snap where I got an urge.  Here are some of my favorites!

north carolina field sarah ingram film
brevard market 3 sarah ingram
brevard market 2 sarah ingram
brevard market 1 sarah ingram.jpg
brevard film e sarah ingram-5.jpg