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When planning a wedding, one of the biggest challenges a bride encounters is a choosing the tablescape.  I am asked all the time - "What do you think we should put on the tables?".  It means a lot to me that clients trust my opinion in this subject, and that they look to me to suggest what may photograph the best!  I truly love these details and even have some past experience in florals and styling, so to me they really are very important to get right.  I have seen how well planned tables can transform a space and create a mood for the wedding reception.  If you want to truly wow your guests and create a scene that fully represents your ideals, this is where you need to enlist the creative genius and know how of your floral designer and /or event designer.  Their knowledge, experience, penchant for details and love for creating a beautiful setting will ensure you have tabletops that perfectly suit you and your event.  This is why I had such a great time photographing this table put together by Ginny Early.  Her choice of lush texture in flowers and linens offset by simple yet timeless flatware and glasses all marries together so beautifully, only something with her talents can pull off so well.  To sit down and celebrate at a table like this, well that is a distinct pleasure.

Insight from floral designer and stylist Ginny Early :

In my work and in my home, the table truly holds the heartbeat of each day. It’s a place to commune, to nourish, to share. A meal shared feeds not only the body, but also reconnects us to each other. With every table I set, I aim to create a space so inviting that no one wants to get up. The best meals are the ones that last for hours anyway, right? Personal touches, rich textures and alluring colors work together to make each guest feel that they belong and are celebrated. 

For this table, we were shooting outdoors during the winter, so I wanted to bring in some warmth to balance the weather. The teak and brass flatware I used brought warmth the color palette but also conveyed a sense of history, of many hands using and caring for these pieces as they were passed down through time. The glassware and brass candlesticks, found in antique shops around north Georgia, added to the collected, well-loved glow I wanted to capture. This mix of high and low - treasured pieces set on a worn, wooden table gave a sense of elegance without stuffiness. Using hand-dyed blush table runners added contrasting texture, and a visual link to the pale pink Juliet roses in the flower arrangement.

Many thanks to The Bridal Theory for featuring this shoot!  See it here

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Sarah Ingram film colorful tabletop 1

Floral design & styling :  Ginny Early

Photography & calligraphy  :  Sarah Ingram

Film Lab :  Photovision Prints   |   Pentax 645N  + Portra 400 film

Flatware + Glassware :  Vintage         Chairs :  Martin Furniture & Design