A Classic Alabama Wedding | The Freemans

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There really are no words to describe how I feel about these two joining in marriage.  But I am going to try....

Victoria and Alan will forever hold a place in my heart.  They are kind, smart and genuine.  Not to mention beautiful.   The love they share is uplifting, refreshing and inspiring.    I have had the privilege of becoming their friend in addition to their photographer, so I could go on.  But let's just say I would rather not ruin my mascara at the moment.  

We began the day as the bride and groom prepared at Victoria's grandmothers home (hidden from one another of course), before a tear filled first look at their reception location.  The overwhelming calm and happiness that swept in for both of them as soon as they locked eyes, immediately erasing any stress of the day, was palpable. Victoria gently wiped tears from Alan's cheek and he sweetly spun her around a full turn to take in all her beauty.  My eyes simultaneously welled as tried to see through my lens with tears clouding my sight.   We darted to the church, the same location Victoria's parents were married, and the two solidified their union complete with a high five between the maid of honor and the groom.  The celebration continued at Highland Oaks Country club where I witnessed some of the most original dance moves ever....even some worm action.  It is safe to say everyone attending had a blast.  Congratulations Mr. and Mrs. Freeman - you have begun an incredible part of life and you make the perfect team!


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