Atlanta film photographer

A long time admirer of the finer things in life, it is no surprise that film photography caught my eye a couple of years ago.  A medium in play for decades, film faded out when digital photography caught fire.  Luckily, some very smart and skilled people fought to keep film alive and it is now coming back with a vengeance.  Unrivaled image complexity, color, detail and depth come from shooting medium format film when done correctly.  35mm film is pretty fantastic too.  After seeing countless film images and honing my eye for what made them so special, eventually I just knew it was a luxury I HAD to offer my deserving clients as well as my artisan heart.  The benefits of film go beyond its beauty as well, as with each and every frame your brain says "Wait.  Slow down. You can't check a screen and make sure this looks okay.  You are also paying $X for this shot. Make it count."  How incredible is that!  In a world where we are constantly given instant gratification, I say that is pretty dang incredible.  SO - shooting with film :  Is it fickle? Yeah.  Expensive?  You could say that.  Perhaps a little difficult? No doubt.  Worth the 'hassle'?  You better believe it.

In honor of this discussion, I want to share some of the first film photos I took on the most recent film camera I purchased.  I finally made the leap from "just for fun" on a 35mm camera to a medium format camera.  It is already coming along for this years sessions and weddings and teaching me so many things along the way.  

I never want to stop learning, growing, and enhancing my customers experience.  

So this post, in a way, is a documentation of the earlier side of my film journey.  Thank you for joining the adventure!

film test 1-3.jpg
film test 1-8.jpg