Rosemary Beach photographer | Engagement session at sunrise

30A Rosemary Beach Wedding Photographer

Do you ever have so much to say yet nothing at all - at the same time?  Nothing to say because no words can put into perspective what you are feeling?  That is how I feel when I try to describe Victoria and Alan and the morning I spent shooting their engagement pictures.  These two just exude such a joy  and genuine warmth that stops you in your tracks.  The love they share is so natural and refreshing. They light up around each other and I could not help but smile myself while being in their presence.   

We met around 6:30 am (yes, AM) to start their session.  For a few reasons.  One being we wanted to beat the crowd of people that would flood the town of Rosemary shortly after breakfast.  Another plus was catching the soft light that floods the coastline and town as the sun slowly makes its way above the horizon.  We had the beach to ourselves as muted pink and aqua hues swirled in the sky and waves lapped gently on the sand.  When people started popping up for a morning shoreline stroll (can you blame em'?) we moved further into the town and ventured around for a while.  Alan made sure to twirl Victoria around in her beautiful dresses while embracing her with ease, and the two just really made their session a time to have some fun.  To say I cannot wait to photograph their wedding next month is an understatement!

sarah ingram rosemary shoot35.jpg